• Pace Group, H+P Consulting GmbH, Adlerstrasse 41, 70199 Stuttgart, Germany

HANDLINGHandling and Assembly

Handling with robot and pick & place units

Robot solutions for smooth and non-damaging handling of the precision parts into trays.

Taking the parts from trays into the PACE and refill the trays with the inspected parts.

Complex robot handling to position very special geometries at the inspection stations.

Therefore, we can realize complicate inspection processes in combination with other test stations, also tactile test stations.

Paternoster-stack of trays for a fully automatic process.

Machines for a combined assembly and inspection process

  • Manufacture of assembly, handling and feeding technology with in-house construction and control technology
  • Customized semi or fully automated system solutions of the highest quality
  • Manufacture and assembly plants with a high degree of flexibility for the automotive industry (due to more vehicle types and shorter series production runs)
  • Flexible and reusable modular solutions and assembly systems to meet the requirements of the consumer industry (shorter product life cycles coupled with a wide range of variant diversity)
  • Individual assembly and testing processes of electronic components including complex function tests
  • Conception of a complete solution for medical technique with emphasis on user and patient safety from the first draft of the assembly system