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GEOMETRY2D cameras

Camera system A10.2

The PC based camera system A10.2 is able to operate with all available camera formats and lenses. Therefor the camera can be adapted exactly to the needs of the inspection process. Starting with a simple standard camera up to complex camera solutions.

We can operate up to 24 cameras in parallel.

Further functions:

  • Extremely easy and fast operation and set up. Easy software structures with tool box and self-explaining  functionality
  • Automatic catching of the part position
  • Automatic tolerance setting (optional)

Speed up to 1.500 parts / minute (with 400 test parameters)

Shank camera

  • Camera formats 2 – 78 Mega Pixel
  • Accuracy down to 0,3 micro meters
  • 400 test parameters

360° parameter of the shank camera

  • Defects and deformations
  • Bentness of the part, down to 0,01 mm (at 130 mm length)

Head camera

  • Cracks on the head with front illumination
  • Construction of complex 3D flashes for the perfect illumination of the parts
  • Contours , holes, double Hex forging, head geometry
  • Recess (Torx, PZ, PH, slot, hex, 12-edge, etc.)