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RECESSCarousel and 3D system

Inspection of the inner and outer recess for its form and depth. Finding defects such as broken punch, broken wings or galvanization particles.

DELTA camera 3D

3D camera to inspect the recess with a real 3D picture. The camera creates a real 3D pattern. This will be analyses according the dimensions and tolerances.

Speed up to 550 parts / minute


Well-known mechanical system what operates with up to 24 test pins in a high speed. The inspection works with a test pin, which measure the penetration and the form of the recess. This system simply simulates the driver pin from the robot who drives the screws in the automated process.

Speed up to 600 parts / minute

Single Bit Station

A rotating bit measures the penetration and the form of the recess in indexing mode.

Speed up to 190 parts / minute