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SPECIAL TESTSDifferent test systems

Diameter inspection of rectangular and areas

Inspection system to analyses diameters over an area with an extremely high precision. This system is been used when the positioning of the part is not accurate enough or if the areas of rectangular forms are not homogenously. In this case a back-illumination analysis with camera is not possible for a precise accuracy.

Mainly used: Rectangular forms

Holes and inner diameters

A very precise measurement of holes is not possible with an optical system, because any tilting of the part with a few fractions of a degree creates a quite big measuring error due to the shadow and the oval image. We are using an air-flow-systems.

An accuracy of 2 micro meters is possible.

Inner thread

Screwing system, what drives with a thread test pin into the inner thread.  Analysis of the complete thread over the complete length. Automatic in and out movement for higher speeds.