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PACE GTInspection machine for washers, nuts and flat parts

PACE GT with a 600 mm glass table for all parts which can stand or lay on the disc.

A massive steel frame makes the machine extremely robust and stable.

The feeding unit usually equipped with a vibrating bowl is in a separate housing to avoid vibrations influencing the inspection process.

We can offer different feeding solutions, for example vibrating bowls, step feeder, special bowl for head heavy parts, etc.

Speed up to 800 parts / minute

There are up to 10 inspection stations available, testing all parameters of the parts in parallel operation.

Test systems

  • Geometry inspection with shank and head camera
  • Crack detection with eddy current or optical
  • 360° inspection in continues mode up to 800 parts / minute
  • Hardness test

Indexing and 360° execution

Optionally the machine can be equipped with an indexing disc placed before the glass disc. This indexing disc can serve up to 2 rotation stations. The following tests can be realized with this option:

  • Complete 360° surface scan of the INNER and OUTER surface of bushes and pipes
  • Screwing unit for 100% tactile inspection of an internal thread
  • 3D Scan horizontal surfaces and lateral surfaces

Speed up to 140 parts / minute