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PACE SHInspection machine for screws and parts with head

PACE SH is a machine using a rotating steel disc where the parts are moved in a hanging position. Mainly screws, bolts, rivets, etc.

A massive steel frame makes the machine extremely robust and stable.

The feeding unit usually equipped with a vibrating bowl is in a separate housing to avoid vibrations influencing the inspection process.

We can offer different feeding solutions, for example vibrating bowls, step feeder, special bowl for head heavy parts, etc.

The parts are fed over rotating rollers and rails into the disc. On the rollers the parts getting orientated and pre-selected through their head diameter.

The disc (up to 300 mm diameter) can be equipped with 12 – 60 slots to archive the optimum speed related to the parts geometry.

The disc is very easy to change over.

Speed up to 1.500 parts / minute

Inspection systems and inspection stations

With a maximum of 12 parallel operating test stations we can use any physical test system for the parts analysis.

For an accurate and ZERO ppm guaranteed 360° inspection of cracks and surface defects the parts will rotate. The lift of the part is made with an accurate motor movement with automated servo motor positioning.

The rotation is watched and controlled with an accuracy of 0,3 degree.

Indexing operation up to 210 parts / minute

A very easy operation and quick change over is mandatory. With motorized camera movements and other pre-setting functions, it is possible to change over in 2 -3 minutes (minimum)

Available range

Shank diameter: M0,7 – M36
Length: 3 mm – 380 mm

RETROFIT and overhaul of older PACE machines

We can upgrade and modernize your old PACE machines with new cameras, new PLC and new functions.

Certification of latest CE norms
with corresponding documentation