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PACE VInspection machine for headless parts, axis’s, turned parts

PACE V is an inspection machine for headless parts, axis’s, turned parts, pins, etc.

A massive steel frame makes the machine extremely robust and stable.

The feeding unit usually equipped with a vibrating bowl is in a separate housing to avoid vibrations influencing the inspection process.

A linear acceleration conveyor transports the parts into the inclined V chute.

The inspection area for the camera is not as usual a glass chute.

We are using our PACE-VR-Chute, a special chute operating without glass, made for an extremely exact and precise positioning of the part. There are no distortions through glass, no pollution with dirt or other influences. The camera takes its shot “through air”.


  • Shank camera
  • Eddy current for hardness
  • Sensors and head camera to inspect the ends of the parts

Speed up to 350 parts / minute

360° execution

In an optional unit placed before the camera station, the parts can be checked over 360° all over the lateral surface over the total length of the part.

The rotation is controlled with an accuracy of 0,3 degree


  • Surface scan of the lateral surface (optional without any blind areas)
  • Bentness of the part down to 0,01 mm (at a length of 130 mm)