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PACKINGPacking of the parts after the inspection

Packing solutions for an automatic packing process of the inspected parts with the exact number of parts. Also, when operating in high speed the parts will be packed with the exact number of parts.

Packing into KLT/cartons or bags. This process is fully automatic, the operator is only necessary to refill material.


  • KLT/carton in L, U or long version shape, to save space
  • Vibrating of the parts to have n homogenous distribution in the box
  • Mechanically distribution when using larger boxes
  • Heavy boxes up to 100 kg
  • Roller conveyor, motorized or free rolling
  • Bag packing into plastic bags
  • Flexible for any size
  • Printing or labeling


To keep a constant level in the bowl we can supply any kind of feeding system. Bunker, step feeder, lift and tip units etc.